Radio can break your heart

Sometimes radio, or anything you love to do, can break your heart. After I posted the written version of this online a few years ago, someone said it sounded like his ex-girlfriend. It might sound like a dysfunctional relationship, or something else you've put your heart into. I'm sure I'm not the only one who has felt this way about radio, or anything else.

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Tim said...

Hi Margaret:

Great post...so true!! I've had my heart broken by radio a few times in my life, most significantly when I was a radio intern getting paid nothing but Ed Debevic's gift certificates. Ah, radio...I love thee, but I feel so ignored by thou.

Margaret Larkin said...

Long time no see! Thanks for listening! More to come...stay tuned.

Chad Hart said...

I think listening to radio can break your heart. You know what I mean - you tune in one day, and surprise! The show isn't there anymore.

Maybe you're wise enough to look at or find a few radio blogs to find out, but for the most part, the program or personality is not seen or heard from again. Who's ever done a "this is my last show! let's celebrate" episode? Maybe they mention it at the top of the first hour - but unless you catch it, you're out of luck.

I can't tell you how many times the Roe Conn show broke my heart, or how disappointed I was when Jay Marvin left WLS, or when Jerry Agar 's voice came through the radio. Where's Eileen?

I happen to think that the Mancow stint on WLS was the ONLY thing those managers got right. Sure, the ratings didn't prove it, perhaps. But he was a good ingredient that could have been worked on. He was dynamic. I missed him when he was gone. Cisco was almost apologetic when he took the air that day - that was kind of funny, actually.

Anyway, you love some personalities and then just like that POOF they're gone. And you resent a Sean Hannity who isn't as smart, nuanced, or fun as the show that precedes him, or many of the local hosts that COULD be on instead of him.

I just hope the quality talent that got lost over the years have found good places in the industry.