Scott Miller: passion personified

Scott Miller has been working as a radio host and producer for years. He describes his beard pursuits: how he got into national and international beard competitions; how he got into radio doing the weather for Dick Biondi; working at NPR and another local station while at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale; getting fired, dealing with being out of work, and persevering without a job; doing mornings on Rock 105 WTAO; starting in Chicago at WCKG with Pete McMurray; why he loves radio so much; consistently contacting John Gehron; living in southern Illinois; reuniting with Pete McMurray at WGN and WDRV The Drive; being on the original team at Oprah's radio network, Oprah Winfrey's generosity; working for Gayle King's show and why she's so wonderful; working with Maya Angelou and why she's so great; why he left the excitement of Oprah's network for anchoring news at the failed FM News 101.1; predicting Bears games on Fox 32 TV; the difference between radio and TV; how music radio is more challenging than talk radio, and more.

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