Mitch Michaels: When Radio was Fun and Creative

Mitch Michaels talks about what it was like to work in Chicago radio when it was still fun and creative. He worked in Cleveland and at some of the most popular stations in Chicago, including WLUP (The Loop), WCKG, WDAI, and WGLD, and talks about Don Imus, Steve Dahl, Disco Demolition, and getting fired numerous times.

He also talks about The Who concert that was simulcast on The Loop, which had never been done before. You can hear all the promos from that event, including the ones with Pete Townsend, at Mitch's site.

Click the link below to play, or download it by right-clicking (on a PC) or holding down the CTRL key and clicking on it (for Mac).



Don Beno said...

This is a great interview. Mitch's recollection of those creative days of the 1970's was the reason so many young people saw radio as a fun, interesting and awesome career.

I worked with Mitch briefly at WLS and wish I got to know him better. These stories are so interesting.

Margaret Larkin said...

Thanks for listening and for the positive feedback.

Anonymous said...

This is a great interview. Mitch brought back to life, what we the listener back then, loved... music and radio.. the guys (and occasional gal) who drove the tunes were rock star's too. They brought us our new music, our favorite music and hey they were live, they were out there with you in real time... somewhere in a little room, was someone who you felt you knew, you could depend on to deliver what you needed. Mitch was one of those voices.. I miss radio, I miss it a lot. Thanks for bringing it back. Great interview

Margaret Larkin said...

Thanks for the comment. Well said.