Terri Hemmert: Broke Barriers, Made it to the Radio Hall of Fame

Terri Hemmert has been on WXRT for several years, and was the first female morning drive personality in Chicago. She has had a long, dynamic, and successful radio career, which led to her induction into the Radio Hall of Fame. She totally deserves it, and is a wonderful person who seems to truly care about music and people.

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Katie A. Jones said...

Thank you for one of the best ever in-depth interviews with Chicago WXRT radio personality, Beatles expert, dedicated music educator and community/social justice supporter Terri Hemmert!! Great questions here, delivered in a relaxed atmosphere that brought out great sincerity & reflection. Terri is indeed a true pioneer in a tough field whom I've followed since her WGLD days long ago. When I wanted to get into radio in the early 70's, like Terri I met many naysayers who proclaimed that "Girls don't do that!" I was heartbroken. Bullying & sexism cut me down where Terri kept going with single-minded determination. I can understand on a deeply personal level what she has endured on her journey to the Broadcast Hall of Fame and in the fight to just be who she is. She has accomplished it all on HER own terms. I've heard that late Chicago great Studs Terkel referred to Terri as "a rare bird." That she is, in the best possible way. Kudos all around!!!

--- Katie A. Jones, Aurora, IL (BackbeatChicago@gmail.com)

Margaret Larkin said...

Thanks for listening and for your positive comments. Even though it's the 21st century, there are still problems for women in the biz. That's why it was great to meet her--she understands the heartbreak and has persevered.