Spike Eskin: no yelling

Spike Eskin is the Program Director of sports radio 94WIP in Philadelphia and talks about Delaware county, Philadelphia's idiosyncrasies, if being from Philadelphia helps his reputation with listeners; working at WYSP in Philadelphia and Q101 in Chicago (where he was the assistant program director and music director); working in sports radio vs music radio and the difference between managing a music station and sports station; how music radio has changed; his sports podcast; why people should do their own projects and have their own websites; why he likes being a PD; dealing with air talent; the role of social media and the power of Twitter; how he rebranded himself when he was out of work and how his website helped him get work; why he didn't use his last name for a while; what it's like to be his dad's boss (sports media star Howard Eskin) and what he learned from him; radio yellers, interviewing Howard Stern, and more.

Click the link below to play, or download it by right-clicking (on a PC) or holding down the CTRL key and clicking on it (for Mac).


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