Steve Scott: from successful news guy to new college grad

Steve Scott is an anchor at WCBS Radio in New York. He provides an update on what is going on with his life there (I interviewed him about his news radio broadcasting career in 2012), including what it's like during the coronavirus lockdown and challenges the city is facing; how they report the news through audio and writing; finding positive stories; what makes a good story, how they get big-name politicians on the air, reporting the news on WLS when 9-11 happened, advice for getting into journalism, how to know when to quit, why he considers himself lucky, and he also reveals his own incredible news: after 40 years, he has finally graduated from college! He wasn't able to go to his graduation in California (San Jose State) due to the virus shutting events down, but his diploma is on the way!

Click the link below to play, or download it by right-clicking (on a PC) or holding down the CTRL key and clicking on it (for Mac).


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