Paul Lisnek: TV, radio, and much more

Paul Lisnek hosts "Politics Tonight" on CLTV, but he does a lot more: he was the only "white guy" at WVON Radio, where he hosted a show and where he fills in for Cliff Kelley; loves theater and hosts "Broadway in Chicago Backstage" on Comcast; hosts the "Comcast Newsmakers" TV show; got a PhD in Communications at the same time as a J.D. (law degree) at the University of Illinois Champaign/Urbana; created the Paul Lisnek Chair in Law & Communications and donated money to U of I, including The Paul Lisnek Cafe, two faculty conference rooms, and the Paul Lisnek Trial Advocacy Awards at the law school; was a jury consultant for his company Decision Analysis and worked on many well-known cases; wrote several books, and a lot more!

Click the link below to play, or download it by right-clicking (on a PC) or holding down the CTRL key and clicking on it (for Mac).


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