John Drummond: LEGENDARY reporter

John "Bulldog" Drummond has had a long career and is best known for being a world-class reporter covering breaking news, corruption, and, most notably, the Chicago Outfit. He grew up in Wisconsin and worked in Des Moines, Iowa before coming to Chicago to cover the Illinois legislature for WIND Radio. He worked at WREX-TV, then joined CBS-TV in the late 1960s. His career started in the late 1950s in Iowa at KBIZ and KXEL radio, and he worked at WHO. He remembers when the television medium, aka "The Magic Lantern," was established, and he talks about a lot: why Chicago was exciting to cover, the Machine, the Chicago syndicate, organized crime, Mayor Daley and why he liked reporting during the Daley Era, getting into Sam Giancana's house, how he developed his sources, covering sports and meeting Vince Lombardi, and lots more. No other reporter has so many stories to tell. He was even in the opening scene of The Fugitive!

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